Monday, December 1, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Filling Update

If you read the post on leftover pie filling, maybe you are wondering what the results were. As I contemplated the situation, I thought of Ferdinand's famous Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream -- my favorite fall flavor. I wondered what would happen if I threw the leftover custard into the ice cream maker. All I can say is, HEAVEN. There were no additional ingredients added -- I just poured the leftovers straight into the ice cream maker. I would guess that any pie that uses a ratio of 3 parts sugar/1 part egg/13 parts liquid (including dairy and "flavor") would probably turn out similarly. The next time I have leftover pie filling or cake batter, I will definately try this again. My mind spins as I imagine apple pie ice cream, chocolate mousse ice cream, or lemon ice cream! Of course egg is a part of any custard recipe, so you want to be sure to bring the custard to a high temp before putting it in the ice cream maker. That is part of the process of making pumpkin pie anyway, so I think we're safe.

One thing I would have done differently is strain the mixture before adding it to the ice cream maker. The ice cream was a little bit grainy, and I think straining would have made a difference.

A little pumpkin ice cream with a graham cracker tucked in the corner of the bowl, it is divine!

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