Sunday, December 21, 2008

What we would do for four more feet...

I think we can officially say the adventure has begun, even if the journey isn't underway yet. Here is a run-down of how our move is shaping up:

  • There has been record snowfall all over the northwest, up to 24 inches in a day! Currently, every road that would take us to Portland is closed at some point, making travel impossible.
  • Moving trucks don't come with chains, you have to buy your own. Have you ever tried to buy chains for a moving truck the week after record snow fall hits your region?? I would file that under "do not recommend".
  • We have a two bedroom apartment. We got the moving truck recommended for "2-3 bedroom apartment". That 16 foot truck is full, and still doesn't have our daughter's bed, a crib, bookshelves, washer/dryer, bikes, car tires or a room full of boxes in it yet. (I'm calling today to get the storage unit one size higher than the one recommended for "2-3 bedroom apartment" -- apparently we don't fit the mold!)
  • We are now renting an additional 14 foot moving truck with car tow one day prior to a move.
  • And we took our children to the doctor yesterday and both have ear infection/runny nose grossness.

So, it has been an adventure! Thanks to the help of many friends and my mom we were able to pack almost everything into the first van yesterday, and thankfully there was no snow falling during the drive to pick up the van from Spokane or during the moving party. Despite the fact there are no cooking utensils left in the house, we have yet to miss out on a home-cooked meal thanks to the support of many friends.

I'm keeping my mind on the day a week from now when everything will be tucked away in storage, neither of us will be working, and there will be nothing to do but spend time with family and relax!


Kayla said...

Wow, Mel. I would be melting down about now if I were you! Just think, in a few weeks you will be on a boat in the tropics while the rest of us are digging out our cars. Until then, I will have an extra glass of wine in your honor each night.

Durr Family said...

Ah man! We'll be praying for you!

Rach said...

oH MY! Is the snow really as bad as I hear in Pullman? That is crazy! I should have warned you about the truck size. 2-3 br size is never enough. Hang in there friend! merry Christmas!!!