Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beware of Emotional Fill-Ups

I was once told that you should never drive angry.  Why?  Well, because in your emotional state you may not be making sound decisions and that could be dangerous to you and those around you.  I am going to add an additional piece of advice…never fill up your car with gas if you are emotional.  Let me illustrate with a recent example that I witnessed.  As my Melanie and I were headed out of Pullman on our epic adventure/move/endurance test we decided to fill up with gas.  I in my truck and Melanie in hers.  Our dear friend Allie met us there to say goodbye.  Abi said goodbye, I said goodbye, and Melanie and Allie embraced and I saw a few tears as I jumped back in my truck.   I was driving out of the driveway to the Shell station and looked in my rearview mirror and to my horror had noticed that in her emotional state Melanie had forgotten one important step in the fill-up process…removing the hose from the tank.  Why is this important you ask?  If you do not remove the hose and nozzle from your tank it will rip away from the pump and you will drag the partial hose behind you while people behind you run after you screaming that you have just ripped away something very important.  Friends, please, don’t fill up while emotional, it can endanger both you and those around you. 

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Eric Hensley said...

Luke, thank you for sharing this lesson. I think we can all take away something from this, as long as that thing is not a gas hose.