Monday, November 17, 2008

Chicken Skin

I took Lily to the doctor today -- we waited a long time. I read a magazine that promised I could lose 10 pounds by eating fast food every day. I felt really good about life, until I realized how terrible that would be. However, the same magazine managed to leave a good taste in my mouth.

Yesterday I marinated four split, skin on chicken breasts in a delicious Tandoori sauce. Yogurt, lemon, wonderful spices -- HEAVEN. The recipe called for split, skin-on chicken breasts. I obeyed, despite the fact I have grown up in a world that tells me the delightful, oven-crisped skin of chicken is the equivalent of eating a stick of butter.

Friends, I read in the October issue of "Health" magazine that roasting a whole chicken in the oven is a wonderful way to have a meal that lasts through several re-creations, and as an added bonus removing the skin from the ENTIRE chicken saves 100 calories. 100 calories people. 100 calories is 10 sticks of gum. It is one of those tiny little snack-packs

Thank you Health magazine. Tonight, I am having my Tandoori chicken breast, crispy skin and all -- and I'll have dessert too!

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