Friday, February 11, 2011

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From My Kindergartner

Yesterday Lily had a rather tragic tumble down some concrete steps, resulting in a painful scrape on her face.  Due to swelling and a story from a horse rider I work with, I went ahead to take her to the doctor just in case she had broken her orbital bone (she hadn't - phew!).

Lily told me she was hungry after the long appointment, and I happened to have some leftover discard Sprees in the car (the yellow ones I don't like:).  Seven of them.  I began doling them out to the children - Lily munching through hers and Abi slowly sucking on hers.  After Lily had four Spree candies, and Abi had only two, I gave Abi the third Spree.  Then Lily began to whine that she was hungry.  I said I was sorry and that there were no more.  Then she just stopped crying - good egg!

Abi later said, "Mom, Lily isn't crying anymore because I gave her my third Spree".  I told Abi, "Thank you for sharing with your sister - that is so kind!"  Then Abi said, "Mom, sharing is when you let someone use something and they give it back.  Giving is when you just let someone have something and they don't give it back."  She was right.  She had done much more than just share with her sister.

Some days, I feel like I referee between the girls a lot over toys, hugs, arguments, etc.  I think on those days I set the bar a little low because I just want them to get along so badly.  I long for quiet and compliance.  It turns out they are capable of so much more than that.  Looks like I need to develop my vocabulary. 

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