Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Boy Jones

Today we found out we are having a baby boy!  Luke, Abi, and Lily came to the appointment.  Everything looks good according to the ultrasound, but the real excitement came with the announcment we were having a boy.  Abi cried a little (having wanted a sister), and suggested a possible name of "Stinky Tom" (we're not considering that one).  Now that we are home though, she is pretty excited about the little brother and was giving me useful advice - such as I can't move when I sleep or I will make the baby cry.

Lily wanted the "doctor" to give her an ultrasound, so Luke used a paper towel, an empty chair, and some hand sanitizer to provide a similar experience. 

Let me just say, this baby is huge.  Huge people.  1 pound and 9 oz.  That may not sound like so much, but my babycenter bulletin this week said that the baby was "weighing in at a little under a pound".

Due date somewhere around the May 31 mark, so we'll keep you posted!

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Brianna said...

YAY! You are officially joining the club ... baby boy will have TONS of dudes to run around with :) So exciting!!!