Friday, January 2, 2009

Ergo on the Road

So, a while back I posted on the different baby backpacks we were considering for our journey.  We finally settled on the Ergo Baby Carrier, and I have to say it has worked out pretty well so far.  Lily is a twenty pound non-crawling nine month old, and she seems to like riding on my back.  Here are my tips for helping an older baby (4-8 months) adjust to being carried in a baby carrier:

1.  Have someone help the first time you use it:  If the goal is to make your baby like being carried on your back, you won't get very far if your first experience involves dropping them on the floor!  It's actually not that hard to get the hang of putting on the backpack, but it doesn't hurt to have a spotter the first time.  We also stood in front of the mirror for a while after she got in the backpack the first time so she could see herself.  She thought it was really funny!

2.  Don't plan big adventures right away:  It takes a while to get used to walking with the carrier for both parties involved.  You might try vacuuming, washing dishes, dusting, or making a bed the first time you use the Ergo.  Then move on to bigger things.

3.  Make use of the D ring on the back:  There is a nice little hook on the back of the Ergo that is quite under-rated in my opinion.  You can hang a toy from the back of it and let baby play with something other than your ponytail.  We have a Maisy board book on a ring that Gramma Ya-Ya got Lily.  She likes to sit and read on our long walks -- how studious for a nine month old!

4.  Move in interesting ways:  You can prolong the walk by swaying side to side, bouncing baby on your back a little bit, or catching a view of her face in a car or store window.

Stateside, the Ergo has been a good investment.  We'll let you know how it goes overseas! 

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