Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obsessive-Compulsive Clean Think

So...did I mention sometimes I obsessively research things as a way to deal with stress? (Both good and bad stress). Well...we're about to move into our house, and I'm about to be at home all day with children. This has me obsessing over the daily routine. I think this is with good reason - if you have ever experienced the sublime thing that is a "perfectly scheduled day" with children - you know what I am talking about!

In the past, when working most of the day, my main focus was feeding my family a good dinner and making sure we made the most of the hours between 5-10pm. However, if I am actually going to live in my house all day every day, I need it to be clean. We are so accustomed to moving every few years, I have quite honestly never cared to clean behind appliances or remove accumulating dust from high places. If we are going to live in a place for several years straight, I want to aim a little bit higher. I found this cleaning calendar online and thought it was well designed. Wanted to share it with you, because I like it.

What I like most is that there is a "catch up" day every three days designed to keep you from ever feeling "behind" on the chores. Each month has an area to focus on as a "challenge", so over a years time you are sure to declutter closets, deep clean curtains, etc., without having to schedule your whole life around it. It is also based around the premise that you will do your daily cleaning throughout the day and at times that make sense - tidying the bedroom and bathroom as you walk out the door in the morning, straightening the house in the afternoon, and making sure the kitchen is "reset" every evening.

Do you have a favorite cleaning schedule?


Eric Hensley said...

I can't say that I follow a detailed cleaning schedule (I'm not sure I'm invited to the linked calendar as its justmommies), but the one thing I do is make sure the sink in the kitchen is clean an empty every night.

I'm not sure why it is, but for some reason when the kitchen sink is clean, everything else seems to follow.

Melanie said...

Everything I read says that "daddies" are the new "mommies"...equality, you know? I agree though, a little exclusionary, the just mommies.

Kayla said...

When I was working part-time, I followed a similar routine. Each day had a task I needed to complete. By the time the weekend came all the housework was done. The only thing that needed tweaked was and is Brett is in charge of the kitchen, so it's always a mess. Now that I'm full time a lot more stuff falls on the weekend as I'm exhausted and want some me time after work.