Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best reads for a long journey

I can't wait for Abi to read. When I think of summer, my favorite childhood memory is swaying in the hammock under a shade tree with a good book while the breeze laps at the pages I read. One of the things that excites me most about our upcoming journey is thinking of ways to engage our children on the long boat passages that are a part of our journey when we cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. No phone calls, no TV, no trips to the grocery store or bank -- just lots of time to spend together.

I intend to spend much of that time reading with my kids. There is a library on the ship, but it doesn't have many children's books. So, I've already determined that I will purchase many books for our journey. I'm looking for books that are interesting to read over and over again, books that explain some of the things we will be seeing, and books that are intriguing, laugh out loud funny, or memorable in some other way.

Our local children's librarian helped us identify a few good books, and we've started a 'wishlist' of books to take on the journey. Do you have any suggestions for great children's books for a long journey? We would love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

Anything by Kevin Henkes (he wrote Lilly and the Purple Plastic Purse if you know that one). His books help with some life lessons aout friendships and sharing and siblings.
I will send more as I think of them! :)

ginger said...

I think "making a book" would be really fun for Abi. As the summer months pass and fall begins, start taking pictures of home, rooms, friends, familiar playgrounds, favorite foods and stuffed animals and toys not coming along on the voyage. Oh- and of course family who will be anxious to be remembered while you are away. Then you can be cheap and print the pics and stick them in a plastic sleeve photo album or make a little scrapbook and laminate it and put it on a ring.
It will be a comfort to review as you long for home and a great vocabulary builder. You could even take turns making up stories or sharing memories about your favorite days on the playground, etc.